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Rapid Weight Loss

The 360 Me Rapid Weight Loss program combines Optifast meal replacement products, medical monitoring, trained nutritionist support, coaching, and group classes to facilitate quick and safe weight loss.  Our physician actively participates, not just monitors from a distance,  throughout the program. If necessary, prescription medications can be added. You will know and be supported by a personal team. 


The Optifast Full Meal Replacement products offer a variety of meal choices, including shakes, soups, bars and more. This approach is highly effective. Not only does it take all of the guess work out of what to eat, but you also have the ability to take a break and assess your habits and lifestyle. You are able to make critical shifts without the pressure of modifying your diet.


The high quality medical nutrient make-up of Optifast products stimulate weight loss, curb appetite and protect against muscle weight loss. Weight will melt away without the negative consequences often associated with unbalanced or fad options. Optifast patients who actively participate in a 26-week program typically lose approximately 50 pounds.*


The full meal replacement period usually last around 12 weeks. Following this initial period of full meal replacement, there is a gradual transition to eating a whole foods focused diet over the course of 6-8 weeks.


You will have all the support you need to transition back to eating healthy real food. Your comfort and satisfaction is our focus. Our on-staff Nutritionists will work directly with you on a regular basis to learn how to integrate whole foods into your diet in the healthiest (and most delicious) way possible. Research shows that a critical element in sustained weight loss is ongoing support. Our program offers regular personal visits during the Rapid Weight Loss program and beyond as you move into our more long-term Maintenance Program.

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