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Real Food Weight Loss Program



Our Real Food Weight Loss program is made up of three separate path options, all of which share the common thread of a whole foods based diet. All three paths will move you towards more knowledge of how to implement and stick with a healthy diet composed of whole foods, help you to lose weight, and, generally, optimize health sustainably.


Each path is fully supported with our on-staff Physician, Nutritionists and Health Coaches. Group classes are offered for support and educational offerings.






















 Whole Food Basics


In this program, you will simplify your diet to the most basic whole foods. We will give you sample menu plans as you learn to build your own using ingredients as nature intended them. This break from your habitual foods will help to reset your palate, give your body a break from processing and using less ideal foods, and inspire exploration of new food territory.


During the first two months, your diet will be narrowed down to the most nutrient dense and least allergenic foods. The following two months, you will begin to explore adding a wider range of foods back into your diet. The final 4 weeks, we will work closely to help you integrate back into “normal” eating, but with a new and improved relationship with food and nutrient dense foods.


This approach is best for the person who is ready to dive into learning how to work with new foods and has, possibly, already worked to build a healthy nutrition and lifestyle foundation.


You will work especially closely with our Nutritionists and Health Coaches in this program, but will still regularly check in with our Physician.

 Fasting Mimicking Diet

There is growing research that, for some people, the best way to lose weight, improve body composition, and reduce age related health risk factors is to perform intermittent fasting. Providing the body a break from food entirely can mimic the rhythm our bodies were once accustomed to prior to the industrialization of food. Studies have shown an assortment of benefits from intermittent fasting. Some noted results are that blood levels of insulin drop significantly--facilitating fat burning (1), the body induces important cellular repair processes--including removing waste material from cells (2), and human growth hormone increases in the blood--inducing fat burning and muscle building (3,4,5,6).


While it used to be thought that you had to enter a full fast, mimicking fasting diets have proven to be just as successful. To make this a viable option for more people, we offer a product made from nutrient dense, whole food that mimics a fast. You eat the provided food for intermittent periods, then return to a “normal” healthy diet on the in-between days. All the while, our team of healthcare professionals is working closely with you to make necessary lifestyle adjustments, healthy food choices when not “fasting”, and ensuring that the personalized protocol is optimally benefiting you.


This protocol can vary a lot from person to person. When you decide to take this path, we individualize it to make it specifically fit your needs and lifestyle.







 Custom VIP


We recognize that sometimes there just isn’t a box that fits your needs. If you have a unique situation, we are more than happy to create a program that works specifically for you. Whatever the circumstances, they will not stand in the way of you discovering your healthiest “Me”.  

 DNA of Me Diet


This program begins with taking a closer look at your genetic code. We order a DNA test, which provides us with a detailed understanding of what type of diet works best for your body; foods that are metabolized the easiest, nutrients that will benefit you most, hurdles you may face with a modern diet, and more.

Our program includes a combination of private consultations with our Doctor, private nutrition sessions, body composition testing, and a full DNA report. 

For many people, the information and support provided by this program is just what they need to lose those last stubborn pounds, experience more energy and to fully optimize their health. 

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