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Combination Weight Loss

The 360 Me Combination Weight Loss program offers partial meal replacement in combination with a healthy diet. This program includes medical monitoring with our on-staff Physician, regular meetings with our Nutritionists and Health Coaches, and weekly group classes for support and education.


In this program, you jump right into making healthy shifts in your diet. The first 12 weeks, you will have a modified diet made up of whole foods, in addition to using meal replacements. The use of meal replacement products will reduce the amount of effort as you focus on learning news ways to shop, cook and eat. You can focus on a limited amount of meals/week, making the learning curve much more manageable.


The following 8 weeks of the program focus on making the shift to a healthy diet and lifestyle more complete, without the aid of meal replacement products. During this phase of the program, you are highly supported to make this transition with grace and ease. At the end of this 20 week program, you will feel well equipped to stay on track with the changes you have made.


While this program is less intense than our Rapid Weight Loss program, you will still loss weight.  This is a good option for those who feel like they are ready to begin making dietary and food-related lifestyle shifts right away.

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